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Liberty Hill Great House was built in 1740 and is a Historical House set on 25 acres of land, 1200 feet above sea level, and boasts views of both mountain and the Caribbean Sea as well as the cities of St. Ann’s Bay and Drax Hall.

The property has 3 private suits with bathrooms for our guests. We have walking trails, gardens, pool and spa. Liberty Hill Great House accommodates 3 couples and up to ten single overnight guests on an all-inclusive basis. (If your party is larger we can make accommodations at one of our associate property). It is the perfect destination for rest and relaxation, peace and tranquility, weddings, corporate meetings, retreats, outings and other social events.

The Tranquility Garden at Liberty Hill Great House boasts one of the largest collections of exotic flowers in Jamaica including: Haliconia, Ginger, Orchid and palms just to name a few. Every variety of tropical fruits and plants such as banana, coconut, breadfruit, pimento, Papaya and more can be found at Liberty Hill Great House. This property lives up to St. Ann’s Parish identity –the Garden Parish. On the property we farm our own produce which provides our guest fresh fruits and vegetables. We continue the tradition of harvesting the pimento during the season as well as using the pimento in some of our spa products. It must be noted that most product used in the spa has an ingredient grown on the property.

Liberty Hill Great House Resort & Spa is truly a fascinating resort for a spa getaway focused upon renewal and rejuvenation. Come to Liberty Hill Great House Resort & Spa to Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate and take back your life. It is a resort spa retreat that will definitely stay with you long after you depart.

Liberty Hill Great House sits 1200 feet above sea level on 25 acres, just minutes from the historical town of St. Ann's Bay. It is an old pimento plantation.

  • The Parish of St. Ann is one of the oldest populated areas in Jamaica tracing back to 600 - 650 A.D. It is believed to be the earliest Taino/Arawak settlement in Jamaica. It is also believed that these indigenous people of Jamaica, the Arawak Indians lived on the site of Liberty Hill Great House. The Tainos found the property to be a useful vantage point, (1200 ft. elevation) ideal for observing approaching ships.
  • When Christopher Columbus first came to Jamaica in 1494, he landed on the shores of St. Ann. He returned to Jamaica on his fourth voyage and was eventually marooned for one year at St. Ann's Bay (June 1503 - June 1504.)

Quote from Historic Jamaica
- a resident of Lime Hall, 1927...

"The old greathouse of Liberty Hill in St. Ann, stands on a rising about 2.5 miles north of St. Ann's Bay, a short distance from the main road between Lime Hall village and the Bay, on the right hand. Almost opposite to the turning into Liberty Hill lies a curve and high embankment, which, in my childhood days was massed with the most luxuriant display of maidenhair ferns. In those days whenever I was resident at my grand-parents home of Lime Hall, after which property the village was re-named (it was originally Clark's Town) a walk to Liberty Hill to visit the then owners, the four Stennett sisters, was always a source of real pleasure and remains a memory that is indelible.

Best Islands to Visit in 2020-2021

An island vacation is invariably associated with a completely carefree pastime. On the most beautiful islands, there will be beaches, mountains, interesting historical buildings, and even volcanoes. We chose ten islands from all over the world where you can have a great vacation.

1. Molokai

Visit old Hawaii on Molokai Island. Here you can spend a relaxing holiday, far from infrastructure, enjoying the birdsong and magical beaches. If you love hiking, then the Kalaupapa National Historical Park is a must.

2. Roatan

This is the largest island in Honduras. Here you should definitely go snorkeling and admire the amazing colorful underwater world. There are also several shipwrecks for interesting exploration. For those who are new to diving, cheap classes are offered.

3. Fraser

Fraser Island is a Mecca for tourists looking to wander around eastern Australia. You can rent a car to get around the big island. Fraser is listed as a World Heritage Site for its rainforest, dunes, and oceanfront beaches.

4. Kefalonia

Until 2001, the island of Kefalonia in Greece was still not known to the tourist world. However, when cinematographers chose this location for filming, then both its pristine scenery and romantic views became popular. You can rent a villa and explore the winding roads.

5. Tioman

Are you dreaming of wild beaches? Do you want to try diving? Then the mysterious island of Tioman is exactly what you need. You can swim with sharks, admire corals, and lie on the beach, listening only to the wind and waves. This is paradise.

6. Langkawi

Do you want to be the owner of a small beach, visit a crocodile farm, or swim in a waterfall? Then you are definitely in Langkawi! This solid island, by the way, is also a duty-free zone, so shopping here will become another pleasant entertainment.

7. Boracay

Bars and discos at night, luxury diving, and seven kilometers of sandy beaches – what else could you need for a perfect holiday? Boracay is ready to provide all this not only literally but also figuratively – you can forget about a restful sleep during your vacation.

8. Mykines

Mykines is the most beautiful of the Faroe Islands. Once on it, you immediately feel as if you have traveled in time. There are many villages on the island with small roofs topped with palm leaves. Local people are very far from civilization. It is a completely wild island surrounded by high cliffs. It is considered to be one of the best birdwatching spots, especially puffins. Huge bird colonies gather on the rocky shores of Mykines. There is a stunning sight.

9. Ulleungdo

The beautiful volcanic island is surrounded by rocks that hang over the azure waters of the sea. This is a real paradise for tourists, especially for those who like fishing and mountaineering. Its highlight is the hinged road that runs along the rugged coastline from Dodong City to Geodong Village. There are also many other natural attractions such as the natural “ice house”, unusual rock formations, and the three-level Ponne waterfall.

10. Bequia

Bequia is an island that still retains the adventurous spirit of the old Caribbean. The tiny island is part of the state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This is a real hidden treasure, one of the few unspoiled islands in the entire Caribbean. Glitz, glamor, and touristy delights can’t be found here. You will be greeted by friendly locals, rum punch, and dazzling turquoise waters perfect for diving.

A Paradise for Two:
A Romantic Vacation

You can call Turkey the planet of resorts. There are so many beautiful hotels that it’s really difficult to choose a particular one. The most popular are Antalya and Alanya resorts. The honeymoon is something special and even intimate, so you should choose a unique place for it. The most suitable is the district of the city of Belek. It is considered to be of one of the most elite and privileged. Here are the main advantages of Turkey: a mild climate, hospitable service, total all-inclusive and amazing hotel complexes, located on the long pier of the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, in Turkey, there is a unique spa, competing with the Thai and Balinese, and active rest is considered to be one of the most excellent. In general, the atmosphere is the most important thing in a romantic relationship. It is nice that in each room of the hotel for lovers is an amazing view of the sea. Beautiful landscapes brighten up "Breakfast of Love" provided for guests.

Romantic Istanbul

Stunningly beautiful Istanbul is a must-see destination for everyone who comes to Turkey, including couples in love. The architecture of the city corresponds to its natural charm: Ottoman minarets crowned buildings built during the Byzantine era, ferries ply the Bosphorus between cozy suburbs. To add romance, in addition to the historical masterpieces, you should visit some restaurants in Beyoglu, with a breathtaking view of the bay.

Maiden's Tower

This newly renovated tower is located on an island in the Bosphorus. It houses a fantastic restaurant under its roof and has a unique view of Istanbul. Here you can reserve a table in advance and after a day walk through the city, go to dinner at this restaurant. This tower was a source of inspiration for poets, writers and artists and has a long history full of romantic traditions.

Princes' Islands

Princes' Islands is the fantastic place specially created for lovers. They are located in the Sea of Marmara and are connected to Istanbul by a ferry. The only transport on the islands is a horse drawn carriages. Spend the day together, stroll through the local streets, visit cozy cafes and enjoy a cup of delicious Turkish coffee.

Islamlar and Kalkan

Kalkan with its swimming clubs, carved into the rock, and yachts swaying on the waves, has a certain romantic charm of antiquity. The restaurants here are cozy, and the owners of the restaurants are open and welcoming. A few minutes drive from here at the root of the Taurus Mountains is the picturesque mountain village of Islamlar. Here you will find elegant villas, orchards, olive groves and springs abounding in trout.


This is a miracle of nature, which has been forming for centuries. Snow-white glossy terraces filled with blue water, descending from the mountains in fancy cascades. This beauty was created thanks to thermal sources rich in calcium.


Perhaps this is the most romantic place, ideal for a wedding in and a honeymoon. Impressive bay with a blue lagoon and fragrant, covered with pine trees mountains around. Newlyweds prefer this place, as there is a large selection of hotels of the highest quality, which are within the range of availability.

Favorite resting places for rich people

People who have a lot of things just enjoy their opportunities and enjoy life without dreaming. Those who know a lot about luxury clothes, luxury houses and super expensive cars and yachts prefer not to spend their leisure time anywhere else. They are not denying anything to themselves, they choose real paradise places for relax. And all these places are not just expensive. They are too much expensive. Firstly, it is impossible to determine the status of each town unambiguously. Secondly, many rich people and celebrities can be noted in almost one of them. Sometimes an odious person posts photos of luxury holidays from the most amazing places infinitely.

Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Sea is a marvelous "corner" of the planet, sheltering many densely and sparsely populated islands and islets. Practically all are distinguished by their amazingly beautiful nature, the mildest climate and beautiful sea coasts. But among them are the very best, loved by the rich and famous. The so-called island of millionaires.

St.Barthélemy Island

Celebrities began to gather on the island. Many of them acquired huge villas and modest bungalows to come here without any hassle or problems. Celebrities usually arrive on the island on their own yachts. Therefore, in the port of the city Gustavia you can see a luxurious parade of luxury boats.

Antigua Island

Once the island was "lagging behind." But after improvement, the island was transformed and, like a magnet, attracted people with fat wallets to it. Antigua attracted finance moguls, political beau monde, and show business representatives: Giorgio Armani, Timothy Dalton, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Eric Clapton.

Necker Island

This tiny piece of land in the Caribbean is a private property that belongs to the founder of the Virgin Group billionaire Richard Branson. The extraordinary beauty of the island is complemented by the wondrous birds of the flamingos, which Branson breeds. Creative stars are welcome guests on the island. For example, Oprah Winfrey and Mariah Carey often rest here.

Mustique Island

The star audience, who appreciate the beauty of the island, still rests here. The peculiarity of the island is the dense vegetation planted so often that it is impossible to see anything through the branches not to mention taking pictures. The island was adored by David Bowie, who rested there countless times. Now the title of the "permanent holiday-maker" belongs to Mick Jager.

Maldive Islands

Millionaires took fancy to a wonderful island in South Asia for a long time ago. There is everything for a comfortable, relaxing holiday, including exotic nature, amazing sea, luxurious bungalows, luxurious scuba SPA, and well-trained staff. The Maldives is a favorite resting place of George Clooney. And if before the famous heartbreaker came here without a constant friend, now he is accompanied by the adored spouse Amal Alamuddin.

Denise Island

It is a secluded secret place. You can reach the island only by helicopter. The island-hotel is a great option for celebrities who are tired of endless noise around their person.


Specials & Packages

Specials & Packages

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